We challenge the industry to think differently about accepted compressor technology to deliver
a better performance and significant energy savings in a wide range of applications.

We are a fast-growing Midlands firm licensing intellectual property (IP) to technical and commercial partners.
We have already successfully licensed our waste water aeration solution.

We are currently seeking licensees for other blower market sectors and are using the same proven technology to develop oil free industrial air compressors.

Our flagship IP is the Blade Compressor® – a completely new rotary compressor, unlike any of the existing technology on the market, that delivers unbeatable performance across a range of applications.

Backed by leading investors and led by an expert team, our passion is to think differently about traditional engineering challenges.

We are currently exploring a range of applications for this IP which can be used from anything from compressors to vacuum pumps to air conditioners to automotive superchargers.


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