The Lontra technology is essentially a replacement for the traditional piston and cylinder that forms the basis of devices from compressors in factories to the compressor in your fridge or air conditioner to a vacuum pump in a medical environment.

The IP can be applied anywhere that there is a piston and cylinder or positive displacement machine.


As a first market we have demonstrated the IP as an air compressor in the Water Industry where machines of this type consume 1% of the UK’s electricity.

A long term site trial with Severn Trent Water has shown very good reliability and electricity savings of over 21% to deliver an equivalent amount of air when compared to traditional machines. See case study

The technology itself is a clever geometry rather than an application of high technology materials. The machine itself uses well understood, conventional, materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring low build cost and high in service reliability. This, now proven technology can be applied to a vast range of markets.

The next applications on our roadmap are factory air compressors running at up to 10 bar pressure and automotive superchargers to allow engines to be significantly downsized reducing fuel consumption without loss of performance.

  • Air Compression
  • Clean Tech
  • Oil Free
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Novel IP

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