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10 May 2010

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Clean Tech developer Lontra has provided the first glimpse of the innovative Blade Compressor®, a technology that has been in development by the company since 2004.


The compressor, which was designed by Lontra’s Technical Director Steve Lindsey, is a rotary device with a wrapped toroidal chamber. The key features are a rotating blade, which passes through a slot in a rotating disc once per cycle. The unit is therefore a compact, double acting rotary compressor. An animation of the design, and an explanation of the technology, are at Lontra’s website


Prototypes demonstrate a 20% efficiency gain over traditional compressors, and has an innovative variable port design which allows it to meet changing application requirements whilst maintaining constant speed. The company has development projects underway with leading partners, including a development project for waste water compressors jointly funded by the Carbon Trust and Severn Trent Water.


The compressor is the core mechanical geometry of the range of Lontra’s applications, including the Blade Supercharger®, Blade Expander® and Lindsey Engine® technology.


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