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29 April 2010

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Midlands based clean tech start-up Lontra has launched a recruitment drive, as it scales up the business to deliver development projects for customers and partners. The company, which develops energy efficient compressors, superchargers and engines, is recruiting design engineers, production engineers and project managers.


Clive Hudson, Chief Development Engineer:

“Lontra is at a dynamic stage in its growth. With the technology proven, we’re now in relationships with world leading customers to develop technologies for specific applications in automotive, water and industrial sectors. It’s highly innovative, challenging work and we require skilled, creative engineers with vision and drive to join the team.”


Lontra, named after otters which are particularly susceptible to climate change, is a clean tech company, and its products reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Simon Hombersley, Business Development Director:

“It’s an exciting opportunity for engineers to transfer skills from older industries into the new clean tech sector, which faces massive growth over the coming years”.

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