Blade Compressor®

The Blade Compressor® is our flagship intellectual property – a compact, double acting rotary compressor that delivers unbeatable performance across a range of applications.

Blade Compressor benefits:


The Blade Compressor’s novel design means this compact, double acting rotary compressor is simple to manufacture and integrate, while delivering a significant improvement in performance efficiency that no current technology can match.

Cost Reduction

The Blade Compressor has been proven in commercial operation to deliver energy savings of over 20%, reducing a significant cost in applications such as waste water aeration and industrial air.

Carbon Savings

The Blade Compressor delivers the same performance at significantly reduced energy cost, helping reduce carbon emissions. In 2013 it won the Water Sustainability Award for Innovation.

Blade Compressor markets

The Blade Compressor has already been licensed for worldwide usage in waste water aeration and is available for purchase.Licenses are available for industrial air compression and other applications – please click here to enquire further.

For an animation of the design click here

Further technical details are available on request – please email

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