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Customer Trials

Lontra’s trial of the Blade Compressor®

The Lontra trial at Severn Trent Water validated the Blade Compressor®’s performance and reliability against existing machines. This took place in a real time production environment at Worcester Wastewater Treatment Works.

Mark Jones, STW’s then Wastewater R&D Manager, commented on Lontra’s trial:

“To make the test as representative as possible, the replacement of only the existing blower and motor took place. The Lontra Blade Compressor® fitted into an existing enclosure, running from an existing variable speed drive. This ensured the taking of only the gains in the blower technology. And and not those from optimising the supporting systems and drives.”

Blade Compressor -Severn Trent Water Trial

In addition, the conventional blower used to compare against the Blade Compressor® was replaced just six months before the Lontra trial commenced. Also ensuring that the testing of Lontra’s technology solution was fair and not against an ageing or worn alternative.

Lontra Trial Results

The demonstration showed the Blade Compressor® to drive down energy costs by 21 percent. This confirms the compressor’s ability to provide step-change energy savings.

STW’s chief executive Tony Wray commented on this remarkable achievement in his presentation of preliminary results in May 2013.

“If the Lontra Blade Compressor® were to be rolled out across all of STW’s wastewater treatment works, the company would save more than £1.8 million a year in electricity cost, with a commensurate reduction in the company’s overall carbon emissions of three per cent.”

Finally, Sulzer have the licence to sell this technology to the Municipal and Regulated Wastewater market and have a successful and growing installed base of machines.

You can read the full case study here.

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