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Design & Engineering

Lontra engineering

Led by Engineering Director Clive Hudson with an expert team of engineers. Including Principal Engineer Jake Wallis, crowned “Design Engineer of the Year” at the British Engineering Excellence awards 2017 and achieving finalist position for ‘Design Engineer of the Decade’ at the awards in 2019.


How does Lontra create new state-of-the-art products, challenging existing mature technologies on efficiency, durability, and quality?


Great Engineers

Lontra has spent a number of years building a team of capable, experienced, enthusiastic engineers. They work towards well-focused goals to thoroughly investigate and detail all aspects of a new product. Combining understanding of the requirements with extensive knowledge of engineering methods and manufacturing processes in a multi-skilled team enables rapid progress with an eye for detail.


Virtual Prototyping

Developed in-house by Lontra’s engineering analysis team. A software suite dedicated to virtual prototyping of positive displacement compressors, vacuum pumps and their ancillaries. From silencers to heat exchangers, we ensure concepts are sound to meet targets. Based on established time domain simulation methods with many unique extensions, the tools use conservation of energy and conservation of mass together with gas dynamic calculations to model the whole compressor system. As well as improvements to compression, internal leakage and heat transfer, these tools apply the matching of silencers and ancillaries for optimisation of the complete system.



A culture of innovation encourages full engineering evaluation of all proposed solutions.This is why Lontra engineering has a world class approach to designing its products, including the compressor technology that sparked the company’s beginnings: the Blade Compressor®. Even where a design detail follows standard practices, this approach results in improvements for product quality, reliability and efficiency. The opportunities to improve established products and processes are many and by re-thinking these products offers significant benefits both to manufacturers and customers.


Best Tools

Lontra has nine CAD seats (PTC Creo), together with PTC Advanced Simulation and BMX (Behavioural Modelling) to optimise designs. Lontra has also developed a number of extensions and software tools in house to further this capability. Our data is managed in PTC Windchill. Well developed processes and industry leading tools allow our team to develop new products efficiently and effectively.


Strong Partnerships

Experienced Design Engineers know when to seek further information. Lontra is even more fortunate to have partnered with world leaders in specialist fields of engineering; these include companies such as SKF for rolling element bearings and Oerlikon Metco for surface coatings. We will soon be announcing further strategic partnerships around areas including electrical drives and IoT management.