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Manufacturing Capability

Lontra manufacturing is developing significantly for 2020. This is in partnership with a number of organisations, including leading Tier 1 manufacturer Shield Engineering Group.

From the first concept layout Lontra’s design team has worked closely with production engineering teams. Organisations working together to optimise the new products, ensuring the best possible product performance and consistent high quality.

Construction work started in February 2018, on the first site dedicated to volume Lontra Blade Compressor® manufacture. The Lontra compressor works with a new patented geometry, a unique design aimed to improve compressor efficiency and reliability. This is now fully commissioned and will be producing the first products in Q1 2020.

The machining centres from Mazak, manufactured in Worcester, UK, forming the heart of a fully-equipped factory designed specifically for high quality manufacture of Lontra’s compressor technology. As well as machining, facilities will include a dedicated assembly line with an end-of-line performance test for every compressor. Also an in-process inspection monitored and controlled in line with latest industry 4.0 best practice.