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Steve Lindsey – Chief Executive Officer

Lontra founder and inventor of the Blade Compressor® technology. With a degree in Chemistry from Bristol University, Steve has a strong commercial and financial background, consulting to some of the world’s largest blue chip companies. This has given Steve many of the skills necessary to assemble a highly experienced team and secure the backing of key investors, industry bodies and leading international corporations that bring his original vision to the market. He was named as one of the Maserati 100Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders by the LDC & The Telegraph and is internationally recognised as a finalist in the European Inventor Awards.


Clive Hudson – Engineering Director

Following a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, Clive became Principal Engineer with first tier automotive supplier Airtex Products. He then joined Cosworth Technology for ten years, working on a broad range of projects. This included working in multi-disciplinary teams, with extensive use and understanding of engineering methods and their applications.


Euan McCulloch – Chief Operating Officer

Following completion of Management School in New York, Euan quickly progressed through leadership and sales roles at Sullair. Euan has worked for major compressor manufacturers, including Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH (part of the Kaishan group) as CSO and President of Industrial Air Division and most recently as Managing Director of Kashian Europe, the largest air compressor manufacturer in China. As such, Euan has an impressive 34 years of experience in the compressor industry.


Stuart Pickersgill – Head of Manufacturing

After an early career at Jaguar Land Rover rising through the ranks to become Group Leader and Senior Production Leader, Stuart has worked for a number of major companies, using lean principles to improve operations at TNT, managing a team of 180 people at Specsavers to implement lean processes, reducing work in progress (WIP) by 50%, and leading production at Federal Mogul, one of the world’s major engine parts manufacturers. Before joining Lontra Stuart was a senior manager at GKN driveline where in his first year he delivered over £3.5 million in savings through increased productivity both internally where the weekend shift was no longer needed, and externally where supplier performance increased by 17%. A focussed leader who lives and breathes manufacturing delivery and improvement.