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Lontra innovation: Increased digitisation is the only way for the Food and Drink industry

30 August 2018

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Lontra innovation: Steve Lindsey comments that Lontra is collaborating with food and drink firms to replace traditional pneumatic conveying systems, recently receiving Horizon 2020 funding to bring its energy saving Blade Compressor® to new markets.


“It is a very real prospect that the improvements in efficiency and reduced downtime brought by innovations such as the Lontra Blade Compressor®, can make UK companies more globally competitive. This enables on-shoring and local production, improving UK productivity and potentially allowing a complete re-evaluation of current supply chain,” agrees Lindsey.

“Technological innovation can certainly help drive productivity by driving manufacturing efficiency, but it can also have a bigger effect in making companies more globally competitive.” You can read the article by Process Engineering here.

Lontra innovation

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