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Work Experience Week: Summer 2017

11 July 2017

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Work Experience Week: Summer 2017

Last week saw Lontra’s first work experience opportunity and it was a huge success!

During the week, we set up different tasks and time spent with every member of our team.

Here are some of his comments from the end of week review:

“Good distribution between areas”.

“Flexibility on these tasks and a custom timetable was much appreciated”.

“Everyone took a lot of time to teach me, clearly lots of time spent planning activities for me”.

Here at Lontra we immersed Caitanya into the different types of engineering involved to make our product reality. He was also made aware of how integral each member of the team is to making a business work. Caitanya also commented:

“Before insight into engineering I was certain on computing. Now I have a difficult choice!”

We are glad to have made such a positive impact and want to share the importance of work experience week with all businesses. You can read more about Lontra testimonials here.

For Caitanya we wish you all the success in the future! Thank you for choosing Lontra. For more information on work experience at Lontra please send your questions to

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