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Innovative Clean Tech developer Lontra has announced a development partnership with the Northamptonshire based firm GE Precision Engineering.


Lontra is developing its innovative Blade Compressor® and Blade Supercharger® designs in development projects with customers. GE Precision Engineering will bring its expertise in design, development and high quality prototyping to Lontra’s development work.


Clive Hudson, Lontra Chief Development Engineer:

“GE Precision Engineering has the creative design skills and precision manufacturing experience that Lontra needs, under one roof. The team shares Lontra’s values and dynamism, and we look forward to working together to develop the Blade Compressor® and Blade Supercharger® for customers over the coming months.”


Garry Edwards, Managing Director GE Precision Engineering:

“The Blade Compressor® is an exciting technology, and we’re very pleased to be supporting Lontra in a close working partnership as we develop designs for customers and specific applications”.


More information on GE Precision Engineering is at