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First letters of intent for the Blade Compressor®

Lontra has secured a letter of intent for 10 Blade Compressors® from Severn Trent Water, the first for this revolutionary new technology. The Blade Compressors® have been sold for installation in waste water aeration applications, where the new compressor reduces energy usage by over 20%.


Severn Trent Water has taken a leading role in the development of the energy saving technology, including development support and a site trial.


Simon Ashcroft, Lontra Commercial Director:

“Severn Trent Water has worked closely with Lontra and fully recognise the potential of the Blade Compressor® to reduce operating costs for their business. The very substantial lifetime energy usage reductions also meet their environmental and social priorities. The Blade Compressor® is unique in offering a 20% energy saving, which is a step change in the compressor industry.”


Severn Trent Water is one of the UK’s largest water and waste water companies. Mark R Jones, STW Waste R&D Manager:

“Severn Trent Water has been closely involved in the development of the Blade Compressor®, which we believe has the potential to contribute significantly to meeting our challenging waste water operational efficiency targets. The progression from a one off full scale pre mass production unit, to this conditional Intent to Purchase, is the next logical step for us as we undertake further durability and performance evaluation in the field.”


Lontra has prioritised waste water applications in its development roadmap. Activated Sludge Aeration accounts for 55% of the energy cost of waste water treatment, and is a major operating cost for the water industry.


Peter Watson, Lontra’s Chairman:

“Our first product sales are an important milestone in the development of the business. We look forward to further sales throughout 2012, where the water industry is our prime focus, and subsequent roll-out of the Blade Compressor® into new markets and territories.”